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Stylish built-in lighting for useful deck at night

If you want to make your deck to look just as chic in the evening as it does throughout the day, then deck lighting is the obvious choice to enhance your garden feature. It doubles as a way to create ambience once the sun has set, as well as being a practical way to see your surroundings if you choose to sit outside and make the most of your garden.

Hereís what you can expect when you buy from Fiberon.

PostCap Black

PostCap White

PostCap DarkWalnut Eyeball Black Eyeball White

Eyeball DarkWalnut


Install Your Deck Lighting Easily

Because the deck lighting is built into the normal postcap, installing it couldnít be any simpler! All you need to do is add two screws at the side, just as you do when installing a postcap. The only addition to the work is wire installations.

Once itís all fitted and ready to be used, the LED bulbs are incredibly energy efficient, meaning that you wonít see your bills spike if you install numerous lights along your decking. They consume up to 90% less power than typical bulbs, so theyíre easy to install and no hassle to use!

Deck Lighting With A Sleek Design and Finish

The colour matching postcap light is especially designed for the Missions Railing, creating a sleek and streamlined finish. This allows for your deck lighting to look as though itís part of the railing and not just thrown together. The lights proudly fit onto your rails for a truly spectacular finish.

By purchasing composite railing, youíre guaranteed a strong, durable PVC finish that is crack and flake resistant, so you want to make sure that your lighting is just as long-lasting and retains its beauty.

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Our packs of easy install LED lights are available in the following:

Qty per pack: 10

Specification:  1W LED

Colours: Black, White, Dark Walnut (matching Missions Railing colours)

Overall size: 100mm square

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