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Decking Decoration Ideas

Your decking may be a beautiful sight, and a dream come true for you and the friends and family. There’s no better place to kick back and relax, have a BBQ, drink some wine or sit by the log burner. But with so many different events to hold and having lovely decking available, why not combine the two and decorate the area with accessories, cushions, lighting and many more exciting things!

Adding accessories and a design to your decking area can make it feel more homely, and can add a dash of style. Fiberon Decking take pride in using eco-friendly materials to create your outdoor hub, and have an array of choices of decking to choose from to begin your decoration journey.


Seasonal Designs

In the autumn and winter seasons, you may think that it would be difficult to keep your decking looking in tip-top shape. We have already helped you a little bit with this; from the get go, our products are designed to last and be as durable as possible.With composite decking not needing as much TLC through the colder months, you can maintain and design it easily and get the most out of it. You can check out our maintenance guide with a few easy steps to help you on your way.

A splash of colour can really brighten up your decking when the weather becomes a bit duller, keeping it a place of peace and relaxation. Focusing on one or two colours can really unify the space. A great idea is to use a dash of blue or green, as this can make it more vibrant while not distracting from the scenery. This can be from using bold blue cushions, green candle holders or even a chic blue seating area. Adding a water feature can also add to the natural pallete and theme and creates a soothing aura. Your decking can look extra stunning in the autumn, as the brown of the fallen leaves can blend with the natural wood.

When it comes to certain events such as Halloween or Christmas, your decking area is the perfect place to entertain. Use some lights around the space, and use accessories to your advantage. But don’t forget the pumpkin!


Stepping it up

Adding steps or a rise to your decking creates dimension, and can give the illusion that you have a separate room in your garden. It also gives another level to entertaining and more excuses to decorate.

Adding greenery and flowers around your deck can create a wall. The pallete of colours from this can complement the type of decking you use. Using a dramatic looking wood finish can form a beautiful clash of materials and shades which balances out the area. You can also blend the two and use a more natural, matte deck to create a more relaxed, serene feel.

Marty Weiss (Homeowner)

Furniture may be a must-have for you, and you can accessorise and use design to your benefit here. You can use a furniture piece as a focal point, but take the season into consideration. You don’t want to have cushioned sofas outside when it is likely to go damp and dull. Maybe go for a metal or plastic piece for the winter, which teams really well with a strong decking. A centred piece can make your decking stand out or blend naturally with the theme.

Don’t forget, that your decorations and accessories should echo the type of decking you have. For example, a more rustic looking wood decking needs to complement a rustic design; maybe a woven dark seat, and add a dash of colour.

If you don’t have a decked space in your garden, we would recommend installing one to any homeowner. It’s the perfect all year round area, and can be the heart of your garden and your house.

Get in touch with Fiberon Decking today, and would be more than happy to discuss the perfect decking solution for you and your garden.

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