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Why Composite Decking is Perfect for Your Home

A great option for outdoor areas, composite decking has been used for the past few decades in homes across the world. As specialists in composite decking, we at Fiberon know all about why composite decking is the ideal choice for your home!


Natural Look

The ProTect composite decking, for example, provides you with a natural looking deck. Both mould and mildew resistant, it gives you a stunning deck. Available in Western Cedar, Grey Birch, and Chestnut colours, the high-definition patterns are rich in hues and tones that provide you with a deck that looks natural, with the added benefit of being splinter free!



If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly solution for your home, composite decking is the ideal choice. By installing it in your garden, you help to save trees and decrease the level of deforestation, as composite decking is made from recycled wood and plastic.

In the UK, 275,000 tonnes of plastic are used every year; plastic can take approximately 500 years to decompose, which proves to be a big issue when it ends in landfills and in the ocean.


Cost Efficient

A composite decking is a long-term investment, helping you to save money both short and long-term. Composite decking doesn’t stain or need painting over time, which ensures it always looks its best throughout the year. When considering the lack of maintenance products or on-going repairs, composite decking is a less expensive solution than wooden decking.

Free of splinters, rot, or split boards, you are guaranteed a safe decking for your home.

Safe to Use

Whether you have young children or older relatives, having a safe decking solution is vital to prevent accidents and injuries. With composite decking you have an option that has high slip resistance, allowing you and your loved ones to confidently step outside.

Regardless of the weather being sunny or rainy, you’ll know that you won’t have an accident while enjoying your deck.



At Fiberon Decking we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of composite decking, ensuring you can enjoy it straight after installation and for many years to come. With up to 25 years of warranty, our composite decking has optimum performance throughout the year.

Resistant to harsh weather and ageing – which is particularly important in the British, damp climate – our composite decking will look its best for years.

Check out our products and see which is the best solution for your personal requirements!