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Spotlight on: Terranova Xtreme

When it comes to composite decking, Fiberon is at the top of their game. Here at Fiberon, we have been specialising in providing the best composite solutions for 20 years, and our clients get to experience the very best.

We love to work with our clients on a regular basis, as well as discussing with new clients what we are capable of providing; one of the products we can provide for you is known as Terranova Xtreme composite decking, but what is it and why do you need it?

What is Terranova Xtreme?

Terranova Xtreme is a type of composite decking that is capped on three different sides. This means that, with the implementation of the Permatech™ process, it has amazing protection against everyday wear and tear, as well as ultraviolet light from the Sun.

It also means that the decking is resistant to stains that would affect uncapped composite decking, which means that you won’t have to worry about your decking getting dirty or stained if you like to use your decking area for social gatherings with family and/or friends.

Terranova Xtreme facts

Major Benefits of Terranova Xtreme

People would consider the points mentioned previously to be major benefits, but there are some aspects of Terranova Xtreme composite decking which make it preferable than other types of decking for more practical reasons. One of which is that it has better slip resistance than timber, which is fantastic when considering the safety of those that use the decking on a regular basis.

All Fiberon composites have a solid profile, which ensures that the decking is of the highest quality and performs extremely well when in use; this is what makes Fiberon composite decking different from its competitors.

Because of the solid profile, there is minimal contact between the surface of the decking and any water and humidity that may be present, and it also means that there is greater variability in terms of cutting the decking for specific uses.

Terranova Xteme warranty points

The Terranova Xtreme composite decking also has a 20-year warranty of no splitting, peeling, rotting, and staining, meaning that it is perfect for using outside for social occasions. If you are interested in deciding whether this is the composite decking for you, you can fill out our enquiry form to have your own sample of Terranova Xtreme.

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