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Four Urban Gardening Tips to Make the Most of your Outdoor Space

As the population of the world continues to grow, the opportunities to own a property with a substantial garden area are getting much slimmer – especially in urban settings.

It’s a common problem for those people who are thoroughly into their gardening, especially if they’ve had the luxury of a large garden in the past where they have been able to get stuck into creating an outdoor space that suits their likes and requirements.

However, living in an urban setting with a smaller, limited garden space doesn’t have to mean the end for your ambitious, beautiful garden ideas. If your green thumb is looking for an outlet, there are ways which you can satisfy your gardening impulses!

Don’t Forget to Build Up, Not Out

Many homes in an urban setting do have some form of garden available to them, but this can often be quite small in nature.

Instead of trying to cram in a whole lot of gardening into the space you have available on the ground, why not utilise some of the vertical space you have instead?

Piece of composite decking

Installing composite decking is a great way to add some height to a smaller garden space with the view to extend the amount of space you have to play with. Whether you simply want an attractive seating area or another level of the garden that you can decorate with plant pots, using decking to add another level will exponentially increase the opportunities open to you with regards to gardening.

Creating layers in a small space can really make it look larger – there’s more for your eyes to look at!

Rooftop Gardens are the Way Forward

If you’re lucky enough to live in a property where you have access to a flat roof, you should take advantage of this often forgotten space to create your own garden haven.

Roof Terrace with plant pots and decking

In fact, roofs are usually perfect garden spots as they are in prime position for soaking up sunlight, making it easier for sun-loving plants to thrive in an otherwise unused space. Choose plants which don’t need much in the way of maintenance, but still look great! You could even create a composite decked seating area so you have somewhere to kick back and relax in your idyllic rooftop garden space.

However, if the building isn’t your own, please make sure to check with your landlord or the actual owner of the building to ensure that you have permission to use your rooftop space for gardening purposes.

Hanging Baskets Are Back!

Hanging baskets seem to have gone out of gardening fashion for a while now, but for a small urban garden, they are the perfect addition. Adding both a platform for plant life and an extra level of detail, hanging baskets can really make even the smallest of urban gardens seem like they’re bursting with life.

Petunia Hanging Basket

What’s more, they are generally quite easy to take care of and maintain, and a variety of plants can be planted in them; whether you’re looking to create a bowl of vibrant colour or a thriving hanging herb garden, there are endless possibilities to bring a little nature into your urban back yard.

Make Use of Climber Plants

With a similar idea in mind to our first point of making use of the vertical space you have available, you should focus your attention on plants which follow this mantra, too.

Climber plants are great for adding some plant life to your limited outdoor space without taking anything away from the space that you do have available. Although it will take some time for them to grow up your garden walls or fences, it’s definitely worth the wait for those out there who want to bring nature into their urban setting.

close up Green ivy on the red brick wall

Many people don’t realise that there’s more to climbing plants than just green leafed plants; there are plenty of flowering options for you to choose from as well for those who want a bit more colour in their garden!

Living in an urban setting doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your love for gardening, and it certainly doesn’t require you hanging up those gardening gloves! You can create the perfect garden using the tools you have always been familiar with, albeit on a smaller scale!

If you’d like to find out how Fiberon Decking can help you transform your outdoor area – no matter what size it is – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we’ll be more than happy to help!


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