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About Us

About SEAC and Fiberon UK 

SEAC is a sole proprietor company with more than 30 years’ experience supplying products to the building and construction industry. We aim to provide innovative solutions to today’s building products. We are among the earliest to identity the need for a new, more serviceable type of decking board. At SEAC, we are always looking out for innovative building products that are hassle free or easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and designed to last a lifetime. 

In 2006, we introduced its very first composite decking material that was made by Evergrain and manufactured by Tamko, USA. It was very new in the UK market back then compared to today. The Belmont hotel case study shows that it is the decking product of the future. Unfortunately, Tamko had to re-strategise its business and stopped exporting. Seeing the amount of interest and positive feedback, we sourced for an alternative high quality product; Fiberon Decking.

Experienced Craftmanship and Design

Fiberon in the UK was established in 2007 and we are now the sole supplier of this premier composite decking material here. The Fiberon brand has been well known in the USA (where decking is a huge market) for superb quality composite decking materials.

Fiberon has a solid beginning; its parent company, LLC Lumber, first supplied timber decking boards. As the decking industry grew, the company saw a need to provide better alternative, and they were amongst the earliest to make composite decking boards in 1997.

Fiberon, as with all of our products, does not compromise when it comes to quality, durability, and affordability. Fiberon’s solid core boards are guaranteed to for up to 25 years, and for capped products, our warranty includes stain and fade resistance

Fiberon is continuously innovating new products, and in 2018, we will be introducing new colours, and enhanced non-slip qualities. 

SEAC Service

With a team of very experienced staff in sales, accounts, administration, and warehousing all under one roof in the Midlands, SEAC provides a seamless customer service. We value our customers and we treat their every call and every email very importantly.