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Composite garden decking with quality and style

Benefits of composite:

  • No painting or staining ever
  • No split, splinter or rot
  • Good slip resistance
  • As pleasant looking as wood
  • 25 year warranty
  • Helps recycle plastic & wood

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Why choose Fiberon:

Fiberon did not just jump in the composite band wagon. It evolved from wood decking as consumer demand for ease of maintenance and other benefits grew.

Over the years, Fiberon made improvement after improvement on the products, for eg changing from hollow interior to solid core, from feedback of water and pest logging. The latest upgrade includes stain and fade resistance.

Fiberon's manufacturing operation grew in capacity due to increased market demand in the US and now Europe, currently occupying over 35,000 sqm of area.

UK Projects

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Composite decking materials are pretty resilient. If it is your desire that your garden decks maintain that 'just installed' look then you will want to establish a periodic cleaning cycle of 1x or 2x per year, depending on your environment and lifestyle. On the other hand, if you decide not to maintain your deck then it will get dirty over time. One of the great facts about composites is that they are pretty forgiving. If you skip a few years and then want to revive the deck, it is simple, as long as you use the right products the results are generally excellent.

Composite is a revolution within the realms of decking materials, offering the same flexibility and ease of use as wood but without the need for any annual painting, staining, maintenance or repairs thanks to the durable qualities found within the high density polyethylene or HDPE that is blended together with maple, left over from flooring and furniture manufacturing processes. At SEAC, we supply high quality, solid core garden decking, alongside decking boards and railings allowing you to set the height and other dimensions to suit your requirements. The resulting decking is, albeit, slightly more expensive than the hard wooden counterparts but boasts a more stable and superior longevity, durability and performance that offer year after year of quality and reassurance that you’re decking will look just as amazing as the day it was installed. Composite decking boards offer the structural stability and the weather proof properties that ensure their continual beauty within the damp British climate. Fiberon decking boards are one of the safest decking products on the market, eradicating splinters, splits and more importantly creating a non-slip surface when wet. Furthermore Fiberon decking is relatively easy to install and makes the perfect addition to the aesthetics of any garden, patio, walkway, or any external area for years to come.

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